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Manufacturers of structures from a series of profiles with thermal break (ALT W72)

The profile system ALT W72 uses profiles with thermal break, which are suitable for framed glazing. ALT W72 profiles are used for the manufacturing of door and window structures. This profile system is also suitable for the manufacturing of complex structures which can be used in modern buildings intended for different purposes. ALT W72 profiles are made using only high-quality equipment with a strict quality control system. This ensures the manufacturing of high-quality structures for framed glazing which fully meet the requirements.
The structures using the ALT W72 system can be manufactured in different variations. These can be tilt, tilt-and-turn, and hinged inward-opening window structures. It can also be a façade window. Moreover, the profile system ALT W72 can be used to manufacture single- and double-leaf doors, façade doors, outward or inward opening doors, various combined structures, etc.

Manufacturing aluminium sliding structures

The ALT W72 profile system includes the following elements:

Combined or aluminium profiles
with good durability properties.

Rubber gaskets based on ethylene propylene rubber, which serve as infills and fill in the spaces where the frame meets the casement. Rubber gaskets help ensure quality handling of condensate. Such gaskets usually have a useful life of more than 15 years.

Aluminium or steel fastening pieces,
which are used to join profiles and some other components.

from leading European manufacturers.

Advantages of the profile system ALT W72

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