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The profile system ALT С48 is intended for framed glazing without a thermal break. This system is usually used in buildings for designing external and internal wall openings. The profile system ALT С48 guarantees the possibility to manufacture internal and external doors of different configurations, anterooms, internal partition walls in public and industrial premises, etc, which is why the profile systems ALT C48 are usually used in offices, shopping centres, airports, gas filling stations, coach stations, etc.
The profile system ALT С48 intended for framed glazing can be used for the manufacturing of a variety of products with many features. These may be:
All the series featuring the profile system ALT C48 for framed glazing have the same installation depth, which is 48 mm. The system can use the following infill types: glass, double-glass, sandwich-panels, chip board, and other materials used in construction. The structure is assembled by joining the corners of profiles with different directions into frames (contours). All corner joints are connected using “dies”, i.e., special parts inserted into the internal chambers of the profiles, and fixed mechanically or using glue.

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Advantages of the ALT C48 system intended for framed glazing:

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