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Lift-and-slide system structures manufacturer

The functionality of the ALT SL160 system lies in its way of opening 
– the sections do not occupy the inner space when opened, provide a large opening and allow joining 
several rooms or a room with a terrace.
The system provides broad opportunities to architects and designers when working on large wall 
openings — the thermal lift-and-slide structures can replace a wall, provide a high level of protection 
from break-ins, improve illumination in residential spaces and save useful space. 
Most importantly, the ALT SL160 system allows manufacturing thermal window and door structures with 
one or several operating sections, as well as fixed sections

Lift-and-slide system structures manufacturing

Features of lift-and-slide systems

Systematic use of foam material sections allows achieving high thermal technology performance of 1W/m²С˚ and ensuring the structure’s thermal insulation properties that can compete with the best European counterparts.

Considering the possibility to install internal and external section reinforcements, the maximum section size can reach 3.4 m in height and 3.2 m in width. Heavy up to 50 mm thick double-glazed units can be used in this system, and the guide slide is made of quality stainless steel, which ensures smooth sliding of sections weighing up to 400 kg.

Advantages of lift-and-slide systems

The system uses specially designed sealing and meeting components, which ensure resistance to the weather elements, securely protecting the premises from wind, moisture, and noise. For our customers’ convenience and to make the choice easier, the components are combined into several sets.

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