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Security roller shutters are made from horizontal aluminium profiles joined together, which move guided
by side railings and roll up into a box.

These roller shutters provide extra security from intruders and maximum thermal, acoustic, and light blocking. In summer you will be protected from exhausting heat, and in winter you can save on electricity required for heating.
The shutters will protect you from annoying street noise and dust. Moreover, security shutters are very comfortable to use: their position can be changed by a simple press of a button on the remote control or an easy hand movement if manual control is chosen). This system will help you to protect your family and property from burglars or hooligans.

Security blinds systems manufacturer

Profile types:
Aluminium with foam – durability and improved acoustic and thermal insulation at a low price. Suitable for up to 3-metres wide openings. Recommended for dachas, private houses and garages.
Control system:
Manual – limits reliability and maximum weight (no more than 36 kg).
Automatic – the simplest control. Can be programmed to imitate the presence of occupants and features emergency opening during power outages.
Lock type:
Crossbar – only available for manual systems but is especially secure
Automatic – a wall board switch, no keys required
Holding profile – no keys required but carries the risk of freezing closed

Installation of security blinds in Riga, Daugavpils, Latvia

Installation above the opening
Suitable for any control system and does not prevent the entrance of natural light. However, this increases the size of the structure and required a bottom plate.
Installation inside the opening
Prevents the entrance of natural light a little. However, reliability is extremely high and the system has good aesthetics.

Inside the opening,
box outside
Inside the opening, box outside
Inside the opening, box inside
Inside the opening,
box inside
Over the opening,
box outside
Over the opening, box outside
Over the opening, box inside
Over the opening,
box inside

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